Welcome to Windermere Taverners Cricket Club

cricket-match-freefoto.comYou may not have heard of the Taverners so here is a quick background …

A rare inspirational thought in 1985 helped to lead the way with the founding and implementing of the Windermere Taverners. It was identified that there was a “large niche in the local cricketing market” (ie. middle aged league players who were “past it” but didn’t want to be put out to pasture or those who had left school to work or were not quite up to league status!). Now both categories could get a bite at the cherry.

It was agreed that the Taverners’ aims would be fun, enhancement of the community spirit and the raising of funds for local charities. The last aim was dampened at the very gate (Rydal, July 1985) when the princely sum of 75p was raised! (£25.75, hire of ground £25.00, leaving 75p).